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The right vision, the rotomac performance, the remarkable achievements, the no turn success story, all of them depicts the nonstop fascinations of Zella Diamonds. After gained Gold jewellery expertise through 25 years of business, we have brought forward this exclusive diamond showroom to visualize the splendid diamond expectations of our valued customers with the exquisite collections at the array. The pioneers of Zella Diamonds have done extensive research on the Jewellery market and realized the emerging shift towards Diamonds. Having undergone the course and training from the Gemological Institute of America. The promoters of Zella Diamonds initiated their efforts to sculpture the latest trends to become realization. To bridge the distance between unattainable to accessible was the hurdle which we overdriven soon. At ZELLA, 4Cs of diamonds have been duly considered in the Certificates issued along with every purchase. Each diamond Jewellery at Zella is IGI certified. The Solitaire Collection is GIA certified. Zella Diamonds is committed to offer 100% Quality Assurance. Now Zella is proud to present their rare collections of Daily Wear, Party Wear, Campus, Bridal, Contemporary, Solitaire & Platinum Jewellery.


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