Pile foundation (multi storied buildings, flyovers, water-tanks, towers and industrial structures

Full Description

United Foundation (P) Ltd., was founded in the year 1984 by two Engineers, with enhanced field experience in design and construction of geotechnical works. oth the experts having high academic profiles, Dr.B. Ramanathan, formerly Asst. Professor – IIT Madras and Dr.K.L. Pujar were specialised in GeoTech related design, ndation, construction works and adoption of cost-saving methods. In the past 25+ years of UniFound, the expertise were shared with many mega projects across the globe. The Aim of the company is to bring technicality and professionalism in the design and construction of Foundation. Majority of our projects can be categorised as Pile Foundations, retaining deep excavation, restoration of distressed structures, machinery erections, heavy industrial building constructions, etc. In India UniFound’s project points are located more in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, Rajasthan and West Bengal. Quality being the prime concern of UniFound, we focus on limited number of projects at a given time. This helps us to retain the identity as specialized Geo Technical firm. Our vision and mission center around quality and client satisfaction; we gratify the clients in hand before reaching others

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