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Ayurveda the age oil science maintains health on the basis of natural changes of body. Ayurveda, the science of life has prescribed the detailed regimen of everyday, every season and every age. By following which a person will remain healthy at both physical and mental levels. With the assistance of highly qualified ayurvedic specialist ANHC offers a complete analysis of your body and mind and the behavioural pattern that one has to follow.  One of the most dramatic events that has occurred in this century in the medical world is its emergence as a science. The various discoveries in biochemistry, genetics, pharmacodynamics, imaging science and anesthesiology, to mention only some of the disciplines, coupled with the use of statistics, electronics and molecular biology had revolutionized the very outlook of this ancient and hoary branch of learning. There was an era in the dim, distant past when the art of medicine was a way of life and when medicine had its origins in mysticism and astrology, and when medicine, literature and poetry were irretrievably intermingled. Dhanvanthari, the symbolic fountainhead of ancient Hindu medicine was a God, whereas Hippocrates was a divine philosopher and others apostles of saintly wisdom.


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