MGM has enjoyed an envied position of leadership in the design and manufacturing

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The roots of Metal Goods Manufacturing Company, Inc. are deeply planted in the rich soil of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The company was incorporated on April 7, 1939 by Chester Fanshier to manufacture laboratory equipment for testing gasolines and liquefied petroleum gases. By the end of WWII, liquefied petroleum gases were coming into increased use as fuels in processing plants and on America’s farms. Recognizing this market trend, Fanshier designed and patented a small tilt-head liquid level gauge that was eagerly accepted by the nation’s LPG tank builders. A few years later, anhydrous ammonia began to be used as a fertilizer. With this development, MGM again showed its innovation by designing and building excess flow check valves and back pressure check valves from materials designed specifically to withstand the harsh environment created by ammonia. This line of products was eventually expanded to include units suitable for a full range of pressure liquids in sizes up to 12-inch flow lines.

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