Each student is individually trained in dual controlled car -> One Month (26 classes about half an hour daily except Sunday covering

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United India in the British Raj was a fine amalgamation of culture assimilation that cut across languages, dialects & philosophies, a perfect confluence that was a revelation in itself. It was in this very land that one such family of Dhingras were nurtured. An earthy family of Sikhs with roots in both business & armed forces, Late. Sardar Iqbal Singh Dhingra was the patriarch. Before 1947, posted in the British India armed force division in Sialkot, Pakistan (before partition); headquarters was in Poona, India. Late. Sardar Iqbal Singh Dhingra used to come to Poona periodically on report duty. As fate would have deemed fit, 1947 saw Sardar Iqbal Singh in Poona along with his family on his usual army call routine. Partition caused a tremendous upheaval, people moving to & fro India & Pakistan. Late. Sardar Iqbal Singh Dhingra lost all his belongings, came virtually empty handed with family to Poona & stayed in an army refugee camp. Subsequently, Late. Sardar Iqbal Singh Dhingra took voluntary retirement from armed forces to venture into business. Poona fascinated him; he foresaw a neat opening in automobile purchase & sale & started a motor driving school called ‘Poona Motor Driving School’ in 1950. He used to purchase army disposal vehicles for Rs 500/- & disposed them off for Rs 700/-. On one occasion, he purchased an American Ford (Model A) & was on verge of disposing them off at usual Rs 700/-, when some one advised him that he can sell the same for Rs 1,000/- in Hyderabad, India.

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