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CIM Bank gives you the opportunity to invest in international financial markets and manage directly your money. CIM Bank provides you with an excellent order execution service to sell and buy shares, bonds, derivatives, foreign exchange and investment funds.  You can contact at any time your Relationship Manager to give order or to receive advices. Becoming a shareholder in public companies, Coca-Cola, Apple, BMW, DeutschePost, Tesco, Shell, Nestlé…, gives you the possibility to earn dividends and capital gain. when you invest in stocks you take the opportunity to participate in the economic development progress. You can personally choose the sector, energy, banks, industrial,…, and the market, US, European, English, Japanese, Australian, Canadian, Russian…these stocks are also known as risk capital because they are subject to two risk factors: the company’s business results, the volatility in financial markets. investing in bonds Bonds provide income on your capital, as well as the return of principal. A bond can be issued by public companies or governments that guarantee your reimbursement, the risk is the bankruptcy of the issuer, so you have to choose carefully. The purpose of investing in bonds is to help you achieve your objectives of savings and income.

CCM Bank provides you with more than 2100 funds authorised in Switzerland and issued by all the most important funds providers.

With your online access to your E-banking you can directly subscribe, and redeem all these funds.

CIM Bank has also contracted a special commercial distribution partnership with the BlackRock© group, the leading provider of investment funds

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