Francisalukkas Blue Fire Diamond introduces new collections of jewelry with special offer

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Alukkas, the No.1 jewellery in India and the only Indian is a buyers paradise. It has an exclusive floor for diamonds, which is the biggest diamond gallery in Kerala. Huge collection of Navarathna Jewelry, Wedding sets, Frenzy collection sets, Solitaire collections and Biggest collection of spiritual jewellery. Alukkas’s story started about 50 years back in Thrissur, The cultural capital of Kerala. Probably the cultural competence of Thrissur has also made the town very rich in tradition of jewellery. Without doubt today Thrissur is one of the most important places for jewellery manufacturing in the country. Way back in1960, for A. J. Varghese, the founder, a salesman himself, a shop of his own was a dream come true. His experience as a salesman helped him immensely in the retailing business, for he knew THE CUSTOMER’ very well. His dreams to do some business took off but his was not a tall ambition, his aim was to do business by the best practices followed in the field and work hard to be the BEST. He was a simple, God-fearing man and was known for his simplicity at the beginning of his career and for charity later on. He had a large family to care of. His wife was Mrs. Elia Varghese. The couple was blessed with  fifteen children – ten daughters and five sons. Mr. Jose, Mr. Paul, Mr. Francis, Mr.Joy  and Mr. Anto were the five sons.


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