A good 3-year full time Polytechnic diploma from Nanyang Poly, Ngee Ann Poly, Republic Poly, Singapore Poly and Temasek Poly. Advanced diplomas / specialist diplomas

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SMU will consider SAT scores for tests up to and including the May SAT. For example, to be considered for 2014, the last test to be considered will be May 2014 SAT. Applicants should therefore take their SAT early and be responsible for ensuring that SAT scores are sent to SMU on time. For the 2014 admission, only the SAT scores obtained in the 5 years up to 31 May 2014 will be considered, that is, SAT scores from tests taken before May 2009 will not be considered. Please visit the College Board website at for details on SAT and registration. Applicants should indicate 2861 (SMU Institution Code) on their online SAT registration forms, so that the scores will be sent directly to SMU by College Board.


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