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Daves Gardens, UK, Britain, Europe

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Dave’s Garden is the best place on the web for finding information about gardening products and sources.


  • The Garden Watchdog

    The Garden Watchdog is our famous directory of the 7,551 mail-order gardening companies worldwide, ranked and reviewed by our members. Don’t ever purchase any gardening materials through the mail without first checking the Watchdog!



  • PlantScout

    Where can I buy a particular variety of daylily? No more hours wasted looking through catalogs or scouring the internet to find a source for that elusive plant you’ve got your heart set on. When you’re ready to buy, PlantScout does the work for you by searching through 34,645 plants, seeds, bulbs and roots offered by 161 of the top-rated mail-order companies around the world.



  • Classified Ads

    Great deals are to be found in our classified ads. Companies with end-of-season sales and informational announcements post two-week classified ads. Check often for new posts!



  • Garden Products

    What’s the best shovel, row-cover, or snipping shears? The answer is found in our directory of gardening products. Members write reviews of gardening merchandise, and links to purchase the products are present in most entries.



  • Go Gardening

    Go Gardening, hosted at Gardens.com, is the online home where gardeners learn, discuss, share and enjoy their passion for gardening at home. Check out Go Gardening to find local gardening resources such as garden supply stores, garden centers, public gardens, parks and much more.



  • The Garden Bookworm

    The Garden Bookworm is designed with book-loving gardeners in mind. You can browse through our 3,572 books for a great new gardening book (for yourself, or another gardener in your life), and write a review of your favorite garden books.

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